Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Monday!

Get ready for some cute things... and some good home ideas today :)
I am in the staging/real estate mood today, maybe I've been working too much LOL

 Loving these Tory Burch's!!!

And this Polyvore too ... so cute and stylish but cozy too!

I think those are sooo cute!
Great closing gifts also, a painting of your new home! Love it!

Do it yourself chalk paint on wine glasses.
Much easier to dip then put on with a brush, eliminates the brush strokes.
Trying this for next party I think!

Great thing to save! Everyone's front door will need a fresh coat of paint sooner or later... especially before you are thinking of ever selling your home... a freshly painted front door will make a huge difference on your curb appeal!

I love this house! Huge front porch... so pretty and classic!

Love this, how they painted the inside of this! Makes such a difference! So cute!

Ok I need this! My wrapping room is a hot mess! I love all the pockets on the sides!!
It is from

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie!
Looks so good. Recipe found HERE

And just for fun because I love the movie Elf and laughed outloud when I saw this...

So true. One of my favorites!

That's it for Pinterest today! Still addicted. Still loving Pinterest more than Facebook, ha, yes I said it.
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Happy Monday and Happy Pinning!
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