Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"How To" Tie Blanket & Mr. Jingles

Happy Hump Day!

This is a fun gift idea I've been wanting to try for a long time and just never got around to it! But now I have :) And I am making like 4 of them for Christmas gifts!

I plan on taking them to get monogrammed after I finish them all (which takes about 30-45 minutes per blanket) with names or initials in matching colors :)
If you're local in Lexington, and in need of monogramming, don't forget about Sew JWL who does an awesome job!! Her last day for Christmas orders is December 13th so better hurry on up!

So here goes the Tie Blanket ... step by step... so easy! Great gift for one of your friends or for kids :)
If you are making for a big kid or just a throw size, then you will need 2 yds of each color fabric you choose. For a full adult size I would get 3 yards.

1. Pick out two cute felt fabrics
(I went to Hancocks, but Hobby Lobby had some cute ones too! They were like $6 a yard I think)

2. Cut the ends off of both fabrics all the way around the entire piece to make it even and get rid of any curled up ends.

3. Pin the fabrics up against each other and make sure they are matched up perfectly on each corner.
(you can actually pin if you need to, to get an even cut. I did not do that just tried to stay straight)

4. Take a ruler to one corner and measure up 6 inches and then cut.

5. Go to the bottom of that same section and measure 6 inches and cut. Then cut out that are to make a sqaure. Repeat this for the other 3 corners.

6. Start at one corner and measure up 6 inches and this is where you will begin to cut your strips... do this all the way around the entire fabric! About 1 inch thick, depending on how many you want to tie!

7. What a full side will look like after you have cut each strip.

8. Pic after cutting strips around all 4 sides of the fabric.
(Notice I added a model to this pic lol! He has to be right in the mix of everything!)

9. After you've cut all the strips on all sides, start tying knots! Just tying the two pieces of fabric together in a strip... do two knots! SKIP EVERY OTHER STRIP to start with, it makes it easier and also doesn't stretch the fabric as bad.

10. Once you tied every OTHER knot, go back and tie all the ones inbetween to end up with every strip tied into two knots :)

That's it!! How cute is that? They are super soft and cozy too :)
I am going to have the solid color side monogrammed for something extra!

I can't tell you who this is for in case they sneak across this blog and read it ;) ... BUT I still have 3 more to do and I hope the others turn out just as cute as this one!

Guess who showed up at our house today?
(if you don't have kids in your house you probably won't get this haha sorry!)

Our Elf on the Shelf... Mr. Jingles!

He was just relaxin, taking a "bubble bath"...  in marshmellows! :)
Left a treat for Ella, Ava & Jake too ...
They were super excited he is back for the year haha

They are already trying to decide where he will be in the morning??
Who knows??? ;)

Lastly, I found a little something I am excited to add to my Christmas list...

(Sorry bad pic! Was in a hurry and on phone!)
How cute are these "Lexington" cups?

Found them at Peggy's on Clay Ave and they are the plastic ones where you can use them over and over and are dishwasher safe (I think!) with the lid and straw.

Love it! :) Great gift idea too!
(I didnt even check the price, but I do think they were under $20)

I can't WAIT for my Glitz & Glam Blog Exchange gift to arrive and for sweet Rachel to receive my gift too :) Monday we will be blogging about the swap!! WooHoo!!

PS. Tomorrow is December 1st and I have a surprise :)

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