Thursday, November 3, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update (part two)

The world intervened, and so I decided to post and continue later....which is now!

There are 6 single family properties in Skaneateles marked contingent.  Three of these are new within the past week.  Two are waterfront, one which I would have thought would have gone much earlier but someone is getting a very good deal now, and another right on the water.  Also a village home is considered sold, but with the usual contingencies.

There are still four homes under contract that do not need to be shown any more, and of the 10 pending one is new.  Priced under $100,000, this one went straight to pending.

We now have 55 properties that have sold and closed this year.  One is new - a home that has been on the market for a bit and again, someone got a great bargain.  As of this time last year, there where 59 closed sales and we ended up with 75 for the year.  This means that in the next 8 weeks there will - presumably - be a lot of closings!

And don't forget my open at 3244 East Lake - $295,000!  You can also see 1153 Old Seneca Turnpike this weekend.  Roxanne Plummer from RE/MAX will hold it open, both for sale and for rent:

1153 Old Seneca Turnpike
$218,000 (includes the upcoming new roof)
$1,300 plus utilities for rent
Open 1:00 to 3:00, Sunday, November 6th

I thought I'd take the time to see how the other areas are doing in comparison to 2010.  Camillus is within 2% of their past performance, but Elbridge is off by about 30%, and the same with Marcellus.  This makes us - as in Skaneateles - look quite good.  I checked Syracuse - 631 for 2010, year-to-date, and 540 so far.  Lately everything seems to have picked up, so the year should end with a very loud real estate cheer!