Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging in Skaneateles

Last Saturday Chris Briel from Skaneateles Design hosted a "How to Blog" seminar at Creekside. She came up with the idea only on Wednesday, but Saturday morning at 9:30 ten people showed up to learn about blogging. There is interest!

Chris was great. She had thought ahead to provide us all with sheets on how to get started on Skaneateles Talk ( Three other Realtors came to learn, as did shop owners and private business people. She took us through the whys and hows and gave some great tips.

Curt Feldmann from Skaneateles Suites ( contributed to the discussion as well. He and Chris have been sharing information for a while now, pumping each other's websites up and taking the lead to put Skaneateles on the map. He says that we are all there for the common purpose - promoting our wonderful village and lake. Curt's efforts are netting him more than 1,000 hits each and every day!

I suggested to Chris that we do another session with more notice, possibly put out a press release or get it on Erika's Creekside newsletter. From this small meeting you can see on Skaneateles Talk that others have recently joined and new blogs are being posted. Check it out!

If you're interested in joining a session, or sponsoring one for your own business, Chris can be reached via or through her website: