Friday, March 14, 2008

This and That

This Saturday, as in tomorrow, Chris Briel ( will talk about blogging at Creekside, starting at 9:30. She got the idea when I asked her for some help which she readily offered. She sent out an e-mail or many, and got some good response so we'll be there somewhere in the coffeehouse. It's open to everyone who wants to come. Please join us!

That scandal resulting in our resigned governor was discovered because he moved money around suspiciously. Years ago I sold a house to a man from California. He wired over the money, and the attorneys and I sat in a room to finalize the deal and close the sale. The only problem was the money was stopped en route. The federal government under the Patriot Act thought it was suspicious because the name of the road was "Burma," as in the country. Our deal almost fell apart because of deadlines!

This Sunday is my open house featuring the gold coins which I bought today. I like to have fun, present something interesting at my opens so people will come. It challenges me, too. I think if the home has good energy then it will be more likely to sell. I always have refreshments and some kind of theme. Look for green balloons on West Elizabeth Street if you come!

That blog from yesterday about our Hermes - he's doing fine with new meds!