Friday, March 28, 2008

Then and Now

Then it was past eight o'clock in Manlius, east of Syracuse, when I finished showing houses to my out-of-town clients. We were exhausted, having gone strong since 3:00. They went off for an evening of good food in a local restaurant and a long discussion of the possibilities we had seen. Great choices, but a difficult decision lay ahead.

I headed for home, knowing there would be dinner on the table (thank you Bob!), a warm bottle of Ithaca Nut Brown Ale, a cozy fire and NCAA basketball games to watch. The rain started to mix with snow as I flew past Wegman's in Fayetteville onto a scary 690. Lanes blurred and I wanted a distraction. NPR was hosting a discussion of ants and their habitats. That wasn't it. I turned to AM radio and found the West Virginia/Xavier game in progress. It had been a long time since I'd listened to a game on the radio, but it was most welcome.

At the breaks I heard commercials - local and national. RE/MAX apparently through Westwood One is a sponsor of the NCAA Tournament. I thought how apropos it was - my weary self being brought home to the sound of a RE/MAX commercial. But how true it was, too. "RE/MAX agents sell more homes per average than any other company." We do!

Now I'm in the office, finishing up before grabbing dinner from Doug's next door and running home for the 7:00 game tonight. After starting again at 9:00 this morning in the unexpected snow, the couple decided on a new home - hooray! Agents needed to be notified that despite their best efforts their homes weren't chosen. My family coming in from Florida tomorrow were just starting the process and I was also here to write their itinerary and make last minute adjustments. A latte from Vermont Coffee fortified me and as I typed from my desk in the front of the office I watched a pair of ducks waddling down the sidewalk on their way to the lake. Looking for a new home for their family, no doubt! I wish them well, and look forward to seeing their ducklings in the spring.