Sunday, March 9, 2008

What I Read When I'm Traveling

Somehow a tradition has started up. Whether it's to stay connected with Skaneateles or just to find a book in an airport written by someone I know, I can't remember. But I read Skaneateles authors when I'm traveling.

I had started a book, Stump City by Mike Quigley, before I left. It's a great autobiography about an area of the town I didn't know existed. Stump City is located behind the Jordan Road Welch Allyn plant, a small group of houses that held huge families in the 50s and 60s.

Mike chronicles it all. From his parents' meeting in England to their raising 7 children in a 2 bedroom home, his schooldays with successes and failures abounding, he writes simply about the joys and heartaches. A good read - and I think an important one for Skaneateles people and newcomers to read. It wasn't - and still isn't - an affluent community for all who live here.

Tim Green is usually who I pick up. He provides an interesting, fast-paced thriller perfect for planes and sun-sitting. This time I read Kingdom Come, his unabashed portrayal of the fictional King family based on the real Congel family, the movers and shakers behind the Destiny project who also live in Skaneateles, as does Mr. Green. Frankly, I am still slogging through it even though I'm home and sitting in front of the fire instead of in the sun at the pool of the MGM Grand.

Although Kingdom Come didn't work for me, I highly recommend The Fourth Perimeter, his novel about a vacationing president. He uses Skaneateles as the setting - the lake, the village, the roads - and while that is fun in itself, the story is great. I went right through that one and bought it for relocating clients.

Both of these books are available at Creekside, our wonderful coffee house and bookstore in the village on Fennel Street. You can order them through their website, too: Tim Green's website is and Mike's book can be found at But hurry for the latter - I bought the last one at Creekside!