Sunday, March 9, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Here we go! I want to use one blog a week, early in the week, to try to sort through the real estate market here in Skaneateles. I'll start with interesting facts I can glean from the multiple listing service and add a note here and there. I would love to hear what else you, my readers, would be interested in learning about. Hopefully this will be a way to track the market for insiders and a way to learn about it for others outside the area. Frankly, it will be a great tool for me to actually analyze trends on a weekly basis.

Number of listings currently listed as Active in the system for Skaneateles: 86
Number of homes that were sold last week, as evidenced by a Contingent ("K") status change: 0
Number of homes Closed last week: 1

Oh my! Maybe the news will get better from the past month, I thought.

Number of homes sold (contingent) within 30 days: 0
Number of homes sold (contingent) within 60 days: 4

Number of homes closed within 30 days: 3 (includes the 1...)
Number of homes closed within 60 days: 9 (includes the 3...)

The market is slow but spring is coming! It's getting on towards 6:00 PM and the sky is blue and the sun is brilliant.....

A brief overview of the homes for sale:

The lowest priced home is a mobile home listed at $89,000. It has a great yard and almost an acre of land; it even has a basement!

The highest priced home is waterfront property on the west side. The home is immaculate, the kitchen incredible, the setting private. Offered at $3,495,000.

There are 13 homes listed under $200,000 and 17 homes over $1,000,000. It's only been the last few years that the million dollar plus properties have appeared.

There are currently 21 lakefront properties for sale. They range in price from $279,900 (about 600 sf with an outhouse, just down the road from the highest priced one, BTW...) to the above-described property. Just to note - in our market, if the property is in a different town or even county but on the lake or in the school district it is listed as Skaneateles.

What else do you want to know? I would like to keep the update as simple as possible, but there's room for further exploration. Please let me know!