Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Home Show

What a great afternoon! My husband and I went to the Home Show at the Fairgrounds to check out the setting for his presentation for Purcell Paints tomorrow. (This is an unsolicited plug, BTW - he, Bob Chestnut, will demonstrate painting with metallic paints and then woodgraining. Show times are 11:00 and 12:00 in the Toyota Building. Meanwhile of course I'll be doing the open house on West Elizabeth Street, a self-solicited plug.)

We had a good time, running into many people we knew who were interested in the latest trends in painting. Rakel showed her skill in first Venetian plaster techniques and then marblizing, transforming a wooden column into seemingly a black marble stand in less than an hour. She was followed by Heather who packed them in for her Skimstones exhibition. This is what I would call concrete painting, using a paint/powder that hardens and can be used for flooring or countertops. We saw it out west and it was a tremendous effect, like having a carpet embedded into the floor. Paints came from the Modern Masters series (, courtesy of Purcell Paints (

We also ran into Mike Jandolenko, a friend and contractor from Skaneateles. He told us that he loves doing the Home Show, that he can almost book enough business to keep him going all year. Although he does everything, he told us he'd like to concentrate on finishing basements. His price is very good and he has excellent references. He can be reached through

I also saw Mark Harrington manning his own booth for Harrington Homes. He's quite well-known in the area and has built for the Parade of Homes for years, I believe. I thought it was interesting that he would be there himself, despite how large a company he runs. His website is

The Home Show runs through Sunday and is fun even if you're not remodeling. There were entire two story buildings constructed on site and the emphasis this year seemed to be on those patio stones that create instant walls and walkways. Several had built-in fireplaces or huge grills. It helped me remember that summer is only a couple (or so) months away!