Friday, February 22, 2013

Agent as Tour Guide

When I first started doing real estate in 2001 I was told by a woman who owned a business in town that she used to do it.  She said she stopped because she felt she was a glorified tour guide.  Most of the time no one bought a house through her, but she spent hours showing people the area.

I just spent the last two afternoons being a tour guide - but in this case, a very happy tour guide.  A prospective client came from out-of-state to see Central New York and decide whether to accept a position that had been offered.  My job was to familiarize him with the communities within a few minutes commute and show him a few housing options.

We had a wonderful time, despite the snow (coming in February is tough!).  We wandered the first day from Auburn to Syracuse, took in Skaneateles, Marcellus and Camillus, and went up to the University and over to Destiny.  I saw the area through his eyes, which made it very instructive for me.  He saw new building, especially in Syracuse.  The buildings on campus and in Armory Square convinced him (as well it should) that Syracuse is a thriving and growing community.

On Thursday we saw homes:  a good rental in Auburn (unlisted), and then single families in Camillus.  He saw that the prices were excellent, compared to his current situation, and he had choices.  I got to see homes I wouldn't see on brokers' opens, and re-familiarize myself with the market.

So, yes, I was a tour guide - and I was my best client!