Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Organization Thoughts

Since I started this whole blog with the idea of describing what life as a Realtor is like in this area, I want to share a bit of how I organize my week.  Or try to.  I spoke with an agent yesterday who was bemoaning the fact that she had to work on Sunday (!) and had wanted to take Monday off but couldn't.  I understand to a point, and I know how it all can overrun the the best of plans, but planning is necessary to conquer "it."  "It" in this case being a career in real estate.

I start off Mondays as "domestic Monday."  I usually have worked Sunday - open houses, people who can only get in on the weekend, etc.  But somehow Monday mornings have turned out to be a good time to get some things done.  I do the bills, do the wash (nice to work at home), and run errands - post office, Kinney's, store sometimes.  The day falls apart rapidly after 10:00, but I can generally get the bills and banking done.

Today is no exception.  The photo is the view out the back of my office (that I call a studio).  It beckons and Sheba and I will certainly walk out sometime today.  But until then I will work through my morning.

Bills and banking, setting the timer for 45 minutes.  When it goes off, I take a five minute break and do the wash.  Good exercise, up and down those stairs!  And a clearing of the head.

Another 45 minute section - the hotsheet, office voicemail check, and then work e-mails.  Then another break, during which these days I eat a banana which is my "coffee break."

From then on it might be errands or continuing onto the e-mails until lunch - but timed, so I don't get lost.  This is a suggestion I got from the Buffini Turning Point last June which has worked tremendously.

And so the timer says my 15 minutes to blog are up - and I will start the day!