Monday, February 4, 2013

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Sometime Update (1/17 thru 2/4)

Usually I like to predict what will happen.  I think ahead, weigh some factors, and come up with numbers concerning closings and listings, what will sell and what won't.  It's kind of like when a seller asks me "What do you think our house will sell for?"  I say to him/her that I don't have an answer.  But when it comes to predictions I come up with what I think are answers.  After last year I can't do that, not even in jest.  It was a grand year - and one I hope - but can't predict - gets repeated this year.

I haven't written in a while because as you'll see, not a whole lot has happened.  It's snowed and gotten cold, then we had a day of spring, and it got cold again.  Really cold!  My poor Sheba and Charlie had trouble walking.  Charlie I can carry....Sheba, even with the loss of 20 fat pounds, is not the carrying type.  They both celebrate this week one year of life with us.

Currently there are only 76 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  I went back and looked at last year's update around this time - I was loving there being only 91 listings!  The joy of so few listings is that it puts the onus on the buyer.  It's hard when there are so many to choose from, but when there are only a few that fit a person's needs, then the choosing is made much easier.  I think we are back to the days of "Here are the five homes that meet your criteria...please decide on one soon because it may not be here tomorrow."  Because it's winter, that doesn't always play out...but one of my best months when I first started was February.  Buyers had to buy, and so they did.

Carrying this through, 18 are in the Village and 20 are waterfront.  Both numbers are usually within a few digits of each other, and so it is again, even with the numbers so low.  I can assure you that people are looking...I have walked in to Ten Mile Point five times since the beginning of the year.

Six new homes have come on the market...actually all six are re-lists.  All, most with a reduced price.  People are looking for deals, and some of these are definitely itching to be sold.

Five have moved into the under contract categories.  All except one have been on the market a while - again, people are looking a finding deals.  One came on and was snapped up - the price was literally "let's get it gone."  And it was, within days.

We also have our first closings.  Five - ranging from down the lake "country" to 2 in the Village, then also a bank-owned property and a gorgeous estate.  It is hard to characterize and appraise our homes in Skaneateles - they are so unique.  Five is a great number, just one less from last year's "6" at this time.  Compare that to 2011 when there were only two closings, and 2010 when there were none.

I said I wouldn't predict...but this is going to be another great year!