Friday, January 6, 2012

An All-Around Fine Day!

This is the first time I have started a blog this year without a subject in mind.  I didn't write yesterday because I went to a de-cluttering class at Onondaga Free Library in the evening.  More on that another day....very interesting and helpful!  But it deserves a well-thought out blog of its own.

Today was simply a good real estate day.  I showed houses in the morning and did something I have negver done before.  We went to the house and as I was trying to get in my buyer said "Oh look, they have a dog!"  Sure enough, a dog had come to the front hall door to greet us.  Hmmmm.  I called the agent who called the owner who assured the agent that the dog was very friendly.  I said I wasn't going in, especially with children.  We compromised with me going in alone and taking the dog outside and chaining her up, while we went through the house.  I only did this because I knew the owner and....that still doesn't mean I knew the dog, I realize now.  But all was well - the house showed beautifully, the dog behaved herself, and a showing was saved.

The second house I had shown before and my buyers had not liked it.  This time everything was in its place - their dog was even in a crate!  It looked great and we all went away happy.

I had lunch at Creekside - the loaded potato soup.  Excellent!  I made phone calls, texted, looked up the map to get to my afternoon showing on my iPhone (so handy!)  Then off into the spring-like sunshine to see two radically different houses, both of which I like very much.  But not for me to decide!

I got back to the office in time to accept an offer on a house from an agent who dropped it off.  Lisa had the door cracked open - it was 49 degrees out - and after a while I couldn't stay inside.  I ran off home, grabbed Boo (who was thrilled) and we walked the hills and fields for about 45 minutes until the sun went down.  I made tea and toast (Panera whole grain) and completed phone calls. 

This is our Boo:

A very pleasant day!