Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

It feels good to be writing more.  This weekly blog becomes one of the things I do, rather than a "to do" to be remembered.  As I sit here sipping my tea, waiting for the game to start, I can just roll this off the keyboard.  Delightful!  And this way I stay in touch with the all-important statistics.

There are currently 99 single family homes actively listed in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 30 are in the village and 21 are waterfront.

Two new listings came on this past week - one is a re-list in the village with a change of price and a change of agent and brokerage.  The second is another village listing in the low $200,000.

There are only three properties marked contingent now, none of which are new.  Eight are listed under contingent but do not show - the one new one is new construction (hmmm...that could be worded better).  Three are pended (and one of mine will be once I finish this.)

The great news is that we have three homes listed as having sold and closed in the new year!  One has lake rights and closed in the high $200,000 range.  Another is right on the water (this is January, remember!) and almost sold for $500,000.  The third is new construction in the town - mid-$400,000.

Nothing more has appeared from last year, so some time soon I will wrap up the year with the final closings and an analysis.  But now it's time for Syracuse basketball - Go Orange!