Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stress - The Final Frontier

Maybe not final, but it sounded good as a title to this blog.  I am still working out New Year's resolutions in an attempt to improve the professional me.  I took care of rushing last year by arriving early on a regular basis.  That was part of the stress, but only a part.  Closings I may actually have an idea - a creative idea - to make them easier on everyone, so I can put that away for a bit. 

I realized today, as of course I have known for years, that there is a physical component to stress.  I felt it three times today that I can delineate.  I always make a list in the morning of tasks that need to be accomplished - actually it is just a reminder list of who needs a call or e-mail, or a text.  I write in every day things like "office" and "hotsheet" just because I can then check them off or not let them get lost in the swirl of the day.  There are long-term projects that take time, but I need to keep them in the forefront or they never get done.  Today's (as it has been for weeks) was "database."  And it got done - three hours of typing and looking up addresses, but it got done! 

But when the list was written I noticed that I gravitated towards certain things and away from others.  I did not want to call the client with the property for sale that hasn't sold.  That is never a comfortable conversation, ever.  I like all my clients, sellers and buyers, and that is rarely a problem.  Certain properties at certain prices just do not sell in this market, and I am the bearer of that news.

Another time I felt my heart rate go up was dealing with technology.  My e-mail got stuck - the ringer on my phone was turned off by mistake - the attachment I thought I had sent wasn't the right one.  These things happen - they do - and then....

In the afternoon I had to go out to send a card that needed to get in the mail today.  It was 14 degrees at the time, the car was covered with snow, and I had been sitting for hours working on the computer by the fire.  I did not want to go out, but I did.  As I pushed the snow I had so longed for off the Scion I told Boo who came along for the ride that we might miss our first day of walking in the new year.  "Too cold!"

But I couldn't miss it.  Once back I already had my vest on, I could easily trade out my jeans for heavy leggings, I found my ear-warmers, and way in the back of the closet I dragged out Alex's very old coat.  We had gotten that probably 20 years ago when his friend Alexander came to visit from Saratoga!  I felt warmed by it, and today I needed to feel the comfort of memories of the boys.

So we walked, Boo and I.  He flushed four deer before we hit the back trail, the wind died enough to make it possible to walk into the open cornfield, and the only things cold were my feet.  (Bob got me electric socks last year that I must dig out.)  We came back jauntily, and while Boo pulled at the iceballs on his feet in front of the fire I filled the woodbox and made tea.

They say music eases stress.  I think in my case it's exertion, pushing myself physically.  A good day, the beginning of a new year with warm remembrances.  And a starting place for the final frontier.