Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Promotional Items

So, the key to success in most sales careers has to do with keeping your name or brand in front of everyone.  I prefer to think it has more to do with service, but passing the word that service and communication are key returns to the idea of names and faces in front of everyone.  After 10 years in real estate, I can't call everyone so I send out post cards of listings and the occasional promotional item.

I think it all came home to me that this is important when I went to an SU game recently.  I ran into a friend who introduced me as "This is the woman who is on my refrigerator."  Her friend instantly lit up with recognition. 

I have received promotional items myself along the way.  Carol Alger, a loan officer who is now with Homestead Financial (http://www.homesteadfinancial.net/) has been with me from the start, probably one of the very few professionals who has been.  She gives great service, communicates with me quickly and easily via e-mail, and I can reach her when I need her.  The feedback from clients is also positive - if it weren't, I would not recommend her.  But she also gives out promotional items.  When she switched from MetLife I asked her if they would continue to come, because they are fun.

So I still have the old ones.  The MetLife apron is red, so it works over the winter months for both Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I have on the refirgerator a Snoopy embellished list of emotions, with a marker to show how I am feeling each day.  I got stuck on ecstatic when Liam was born last July and can't seem to pull myself off of that.  Which is fine!

This morning I finished sending out calendars, a bit late, but I do want to connect and be on more refrigerators.  Next week I will send out the new Parcell Woods lots post cards.  I think these are the most important, and not necessarily to promote me, but to keep my clients (and friends) informed about new properties.

There is something else that goes along with mailings, whether they are multi-steps like the calendars, or single moments of attaching address labels.  Sitting at the kitchen table today I think about each and every person as I put on the mailing label.  This is an old method / teaching strategy from my days in Spring Hill School in Saratoga (http://waldorfsaratoga.org/).  Teachers were encouraged to bring to mind their students, one at a time, as they fell asleep.  This helped to focus on the individuality of each child and solve or prevent problems.  As I sat at the table today, I thought of that exercise.  It applies to real estate too.