Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Year that Was

I got so involved in the statistics that my tea got cold and the sun went down!  Fascinating.

This is only a first part of other blogs (or blog) about the area and what happened in 2011 real estate-wise.  I just need to feed the dog, figure out dinner, and get some other work done.  If I stay with the multiple listing service none of this will happen.

So!  In Skaneateles in 2011 we sold and closed 70 homes.  Of these, 20 were in the village and 15 were waterfront.  This compares with previous years:
              2010     75 closed       13 village        17 waterfront
              2009     81                      n/a             18
              2008     66                      n/a             20
 ("Village" as a category was only begun in 2010)

Then I got into the fun stuff.  Thanks to JT, I decided to look at median prices, because I know that despite the numbers there was at least the sense of a turn-around.

Going the other way....(for dramatic effect...)  Median list price is of homes that closed...
                   2008           $415,000 median list price               $400,000   median sale price

                   2009           $335,000 median list price               $335,000   median sale price

                   2010           $250,000 median list price               $230,000   median sale price

                   2011           $299,000 median list price               $290,000   median sale price

So we are moving up, at least as far as the sale prices go which is a very welcome sign!  And if you look at the 2008 figure, that was the year with the most waterfront homes having closed amid the fewest overall closings - a certain influence on the median.