Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freaky Stuff

Topic #1  Okay, so I am finally having difficulty with the lack of snow.  It is simply not right!  I hear last night on the news that even if we come in with one of the lowest snow totals of all-time, we still will have at least three to five feet of snow before this "winter" is over.  That's a lot of snow, especially if you cram it into the next two months - because March 15th is about it for major snow.  For those of us who were here - there was the mid-March snowstorm of 1993 that dumped several feet on the area - then melted away within two weeks.  As I write, it is sort of raining snow.....Sigh.

Topic #2  We must have been watching too many Twilight Zones from the New Year's marathon.  I went out to get the paper before 7:00 AM yesterday and there in the northwestern sky was a bright light, hidden by clouds.  My first thought was that it was the sun - but wait!  That rises in the east, and I see it every day!  Slowly the moon revealed itself and I breathed easier.  Gorgeous moon, by the way!

Topic #3  Saturday night we went to see The Amazing Kreskin (his real name, changed officially some years back) at the Auburn Public Theater.  He has had a career as a mentalist, and frankly I have no idea how he does it and yes, we were amazed.  I have to believe it is some sort of skill-set that he was born with, like the autistic people who can play by ear or remember dates.  But he is the total package - at 76 he alluded to having jogged an hour that day between shows.  His performance went on for two and a half hours without intermission to a filled auditorium.  I honestly believe he has the ability to read minds! 

Okay - back to work....but writing is refreshing!
One other thing, in case I forget.....Joe Messina, an unemployed truck driver from Auburn, is competing on The Biggest Loser which airs Tuesdays at 8:00 (like tonight) on NBC.  He weights 360 pounds and wants to lose half his size, plus has the goal of getting on rides at Darien Lake.  (See http://www.syracuse.com/ for more information)  Go Joe!